About Us

I’m Rhiannon, a passionate kind caring person who absolutely loves dogs.

Several years ago, i took the bold decision to step away from the day to day grind of corporate life and follow my heart to become a professional dog walker.   I definitely view this as my profession and have grown and honed my skills in all aspects of understanding dogs and creating a safe environment that enables them to have fun, stay fit, make friends and enjoy life to the full.

I’ve been described as a  ‘doggy first’ person, who’s crazy about everything ‘woof-woof’ and loves the outdoors.  I can track my  passion for dogs back to my childhood and growing up with them always being part of the family. Since then, I’ve had four of my own and my current treasured beauties (and team members) are Mikey, my Jack Russel who oversees the older client walks and Ernie (Springer Spaniel) who sees his role as chief ball collector.

With many years’ experience of caring for dogs, taking them on  walks and keeping them happy and fulfilled… You can rest assured, your furbaby will be in safe hands. 

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The first step is for us to say hi and for a ‘free’ meet and greet walk, where your dog can check me out, and I can get to know him or her. Then we can take it from there.

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