Our Dog Walking Service

Doggy walks

One hour in duration, giving your dog the exercise and socialisation they need to be healthy, fit and happy.

Whilst each walk is an hour long, with pick up and drop off, your pet will normally be with us for about 1 ½ hours.

Doggy walks typically work like this…

  • Collection: We’ll normally come and pick up your dog from home.
  • Getting to the walk: Keeping your beloved dog safe is our number one priority. Which is why we use a purpose built dog van with individual cages and air controlled ventilation to move your dog around.
  • The walk – Our guiding principles:
    • Based on age, temperment and personality, we try to combine similar sociable dogs together. All our dogs walked in groups are friends, and have more fun walking and playing together than they do on their own
    • The first couple of walks are always solo and on-lead. Once we’re confident in your dog’s recall and understand their personality, we then look for opportunities to introduce them to dogs that we know they’ll get along with
    • We actively work with all our dogs to reinforce good recall and good manners
    • Walking routes are always away from main roads and other potential hazards.
    • Walks are always fun, energetic and with ample sniffing, befriending and game playing opportunities for those that want to. We are also used to accommodating older less active dogs
    • We are great believers in positive reinforcement and use the tastiest of treats! If you prefer us not to use food reward, that’s fine too
    • Routes are tailored to your dog’s needs and varied to maintain interest and allow for inquisitive adventure
  • Clean up: We carry clean towels on board. Those that need it are dried before they’re returned, so you don’t come home to a house full of muddy paw marks!
  • Drop off: If it helps we’re happy to feed, water and settle your dog on return

 It doesn’t end there… We’ll also send you photos and videos of the walk.

Why not say hi...

If you think we can help,  please get in touch.
The first step is for us to say hi and for a ‘free’ meet and greet walk, where your dog can check me out, and I can get to know him or her. Then we can take it from there.

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