Terms of Business

What you can expect from Walking Paws

We will always aim to:

  • Put your dog’s safety and health first
  • Collect and drop off within a 30 minute window of the agreed walk time
  • Only let them off lead when it is safe to do so & with the owners permission
  • Let you know as soon as possible, if we need to delay or postpone a walk due to unforeseen circumstances, extreme weather or situations outside of our control
  • Walk them with other suited (temperament-behaviour etc) dogs
  • Send you a photo/video of the outing (weather dependent)
  • Ensure they are wiped down and settled before leaving
  • Meet (where practical) any specific requirements you have
  • Send out invoices 1 week before the end of the month


What we expect from you


  • Ensure their inoculations (including kennel cough, tick, flea and worm) are kept in date
  • Let us know before the walk if they are displaying any signs of illness
  • Ensure we have access to collect them and that he/ she is there
  • Don’t let them eat for at least one hour before the walk
  • Let us have at least 2 days’ notice if cancelling a walk
  • Pay your invoice on time (within 7 days)


The small print:

  • In the unlikely event of a medical emergency. Walking Paws will:
    • Attempt to contact the owner first on the number provided
    • Contact the dogs vet and seek emergency care guidance. Please note, any charges relating to this are to be met by the owner
  • Any damage (to people, other dogs or belongings) caused by the dog remains the responsibility of the owner
  • Where less than 2 days cancellation notice is given, Walking Paws retains the right to invoice for the walk in full


The above is valid for Walking Paws clients and both parties have the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

Why not say hi...

If you think we can help,  please get in touch.
The first step is for us to say hi and for a ‘free’ meet and greet walk, where your dog can check me out, and I can get to know him or her. Then we can take it from there.

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